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How to stay fit the right way?

I feel fat! I have put on weight! Are the thoughts which keep arising in your head making you feel low in..Read more

Target Heart Rate Zone: Exercising with fitness trackers

January 24, 2017 | 0 Comments

Workouts are a common trend today; tragically however, many of workouts result into heart related problems. How? Many people who..Read more

The Best Fitness Tracker Sync And App Basics That Money Can Buy

January 6, 2017 | 0 Comments

Knowledge about fitness devices is the beginning of wisdom in this age where people are battling to born excess calories...Read more

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Top ten tech-friendly devices to assist with your fitness regime!!

Staying fit is not restricted to just burning out calories in a gym but to keep a watch on various..Read more

Size zero – The most un-fit size!!

Size zero-The most un-fit size! The most talked and debated body size of today. It has spread its roots beyond..Read more

Week in Wearables – Quick Look of the Latest Updates of Your Favorite Wearables

Quick Look of the Latest Updates of Your Favorite Wearables The past few weeks have revealed some exciting news for..Read more

New Fitness Gadgets Put to Test – Can They Live Up to Expectations?

More and more fitness gadgets are being introduced in the market every single day. Well, this doesn’t come as a..Read more

Fitness Trackers Don’t Reveal Accurate Calorie Count, Stanford Researchers Revealed

Weight loss largely depends on calorie counting, but the latest study revealed that fitness trackers could sabotage all your efforts...Read more

Weight Management Secrets with Fitness Smartwatch

There are many issues concerning obesity in our world today caused by junk foods that people eat out of necessity...Read more