Size zero – The most un-fit size!!


Size zero-The most un-fit size!

The most talked and debated body size of today. It has spread its roots beyond the modeling industry into the youth of today’s generation. There is an undulating pressure among the youth to attend a size zero to be appreciated in their social circle. Times have taken a three sixty degrees turn where one needs to shed those curves and fit into a size zero dress perfectly. It has become an epidemic for young girls to leave in the shadow of silver screen actresses who carry a nice zero size dress. The food industry has also started to take advantage of the situation with the introduction of skimmed and diet version of every food item feasible. Gone are the days when it was the craze among the girls, even guys now days look into the concept of size zero. Young girls and teenagers join a gym only to attain a size zero. Among such girls, about over 10% are already fit, yet push themselves to lose more just to be part of the size zero crowd. What a maddening concept? When looked closely, this size makes your face look dull, pale, and bonny, the real question then arises-Do you really like such beauty? If yes, then you are surely tending towards being doomed and if no, then why to put yourself under such torture just to eventually be hampered. It is high time for people to understand that the concept of size zero is doing nothing but harming the overall health of an individual.

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Here I have tried to make a sincere effort to break the hula hoop which the size zero has created.

Let get into deep to understand it better.

How is size zero un-fit?

A woman with a size zero not only lose the attractive quotient but also open the window to many health disorders. This body size craze has brought in the likable chance of ending up Osteoporosis in near future due to reduced fat mass. There is a higher chance of developing eating disorders to being severely mal-nutrition comes along with this body type. Not only brings in deteriorating conditions physically but emotionally as well. Young girls and teenagers are in constant battle to stay thin or else end up losing their self-esteem. In order to suffice the energy needs of a size zero body, people usually tend to begin with drinking, smoking and doing drugs and eventually end up bad addictions. Some even undergo surgical procedures to reach this overrated body types only to lead to serious health hazards in the latter part of their life. Sooner or later they realize that the reason they have lost f such is a myth in itself. Is all the pain worth it? Surely ask yourself this before running behind the craze of size zero.

Thank God! Times are changing, model agencies across the globe have started to pledge to not hire models with a size zero. This was reflected in one of the editions of the popular ELLE magazine which featured plus-size models breaking the stereotype of size zero. With the adaptation of this trend change in modeling as well as film industry would be able to influence the youth otherwise. They would come to terms with of drawing a line of balance between health and zero looks. Hope one day comes when people accept the fact that being fit is essential than being skinny as far as beauty is concerned!!

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