12 Habits to Keep up Your Workout Motivation

Runners dream big. Tackling a new distance, posting a personal best, losing 20 pounds-we embrace grand challenges. But what happens after that goal is (hopefully) met? You risk losing motivation and stalling-unless you’ve changed your routines to those of a stronger, healthier runner. “Runners who are consistent with good habits have the most success,” says Tom Holland, an exercise physiologist, sports nutritionist, coach, and author of The Marathon Method.

Here’s the Best Way to Boost Your Immune System

Some people seem to breeze through cold-and-flu season without so much as a sniffle. What’s their secret? Regular exercise is a prime candidate. “If you look at all the lifestyle factors that decrease the number of days you suffer from common cold, being a physically active and fit person is the most important,” says David Nieman, a professor of public health and director of the Human Performance Lab at Appalachian State University.

30 Fitness Stars Everyone Is Following on Instagram

You know how an Instagram feed that's full of rainbow-colored fruits and veggies can get you excited about eating something healthy? It's kind of the same with fitness influencers. Follow badass women who post flexy selfies with captions about their workout, videos of themselves dead-lifting twice their weight, doing a freaking pull up, or nailing a yoga headstand, and you might feel more motivated to break a sweat.

An Apple Watch told a 46-year-old man he had an irregular heartbeat. It was right

He said he’d installed the software update with the electrocardiogram app to play around with it. “The application on the launch sounded off right away with atrial fibrillation — not something I’ve ever heard of, but since I’m in pretty decent health and never had a problem before, I didn’t give it much thought. I figured something was glitchy, so I set everything down turned in for the night,” Dentel told ABC News

The Best Diet Books For Weight Loss, According To Registered Dietitians

Raise your hand if you’ve downloaded a diet book (or three) only to abandon it after 20 pages.Maybe you quit because you realized you’d never be able to give up carbs for that long, or because all the meal prep seemed like a total time suck. Luckily, some diet books have more staying power than others-so you can hit your weight-loss goals and stop wasting so much money on Amazon. These are the best diet books out there right now, according to registered dietitians. Hey!! checkout the latest on how to get rid of mold in coffee pot:

Top Gifts for Teens and Tweens

Anyone who has ever tried to buy a gift for a teen or tween knows what a monumental task it can be. We’re here to help. We put together a list of some of the top-rated products that will have your kids high-fiving you this holiday season (because hugging just isn’t cool at that age)

Holiday Gift Guide 2018: The Best Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers

One of the hottest high-tech gift categories this year is smartwatches, while fitness trackers remain popular for those who want to keep track of their activity — but not necessarily wear a mini computer on their wrist. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) continues to dominate the smartwatch category, while Fitbit (NYSE:FIT) remains king of the hill for fitness trackers (at least in North America)..

Keep tabs on your pounds with the best bathroom scales

If all you expect to get out of your scale is a daily update on your weight, you are drastically underestimating this simple bathroom fixture. Today’s scales can measure everything from your body mass index to your bone mass, and with connected apps and fitness trackers, the bathroom scale could be the central tool to help you reach your fitness goals. Here are a few of our favorites.

Top ten tech-friendly devices to assist with your fitness regime

A fitness regime is not restricted to just burning out calories in a gym but to keep a watch on various parameters of your over the health of your body. From small changes in our day to day activities to keeping track of calorie count, muscle activities etc.

Size zero-The most unfit size!

Size zero – The most talked and debated body size of today. It has spread its roots beyond the modeling industry into the youth of today’s generation. There is an undulating pressure among the youth to attend a size zero to be appreciated in their social circle. Times have taken a three sixty degrees turn where one needs to shed those curves and fit into a size zero dress perfectly. It has become an epidemic for young girls to leave in the shadow of silver screen actresses who carry a nice zero size dress.

How to stay fit the right way

I feel fat! I have put on weight! Are the thoughts which keep arising in your head making you feel low in confidence. An essential question to ask oneself is- Are you fit? People are in the constant misconception that if they work out and lose weight or build up muscles they are fit and healthy, however, the truth is something different. Staying fit means that to be and feel physically healthy and have the strength to do your day to day activities efficiently. To be able to provide for one’s own

Quick Look of the Latest Updates of Your Favorite Wearables

The past few weeks have revealed some exciting news for wearables fans and users. Whether you already got your own device, or you are planning to buy one soon, Week in Wearable has gathered the newest.

New Fitness Gadgets Put to Test – Can They Live Up to Expectations?

More and more fitness gadgets are being introduced in the market every single day. Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise, especially since people have realized the importance of staying in shape and being fit. If you are also getting started with your journey to better health, there are several fitness gadgets that deserve your attention.

Fitness Trackers Don’t Reveal Accurate Calorie Count, Stanford Researchers Revealed

Fitness trackers have been enjoying an overwhelming popularity these days. Since its launch, Fitbit, the industry’s leading brand, has sold around 30 million of these devices. On their official website, the company claims that their devices can track calories burned, steps, distance, active minutes, floors climbed, and hourly activity. The same promises are expected from other brands like Apple Watch, Pulse On, Samsung Gear S2, Microsoft Band, and Basis Peak.

Target Heart Rate Zone: Exercising with fitness trackers

Workouts are a common trend today; tragically however, many of workouts result into heart related problems. How? Many people who work out do not know their correct heart rate. You need best fitness tracker with heart rate to keep within the safe zone. This is our topic of enlightenment today

The Best Fitness Tracker Sync And App Basics That Money Can Buy

Fitness trackers have to sync to a few basic things to the cloud “the cloud”. Do you understand the word cloud? To clarify that straightaway, the “cloud” that in question is a term used for in respect of referencing the servers that hold information for you which are uploaded to the website that you use to store your information. The servers and websites belong to the company that manufactured your fitness band

Weight Management Secrets with Fitness Smartwatch

There are many issues concerning obesity in our world today caused by junk foods that people eat out of necessity. Everybody wants to get rid of the excess calories. The way out is through a good weight management that is achieved through the aid of the best fitness smartwatch. Exercise is part of the routine to get into proper shape; that is the main reason people take part in it today.

A Guide to Selecting the Best Fitness Watch

The problem of choosing the best fitness smartwatch has increased, with different brands of Fitness Trackers, flooding the market. The fitness market is EXPANDING all over the world. Manufactures are offering fancy new gadgets and products like the Samsung fitness tracker, Fitbit etc. that are meant to beef up your workouts, giving you valuable information on how to make them better in future. New products each day, with higher expectation, and is supposed to be more than a million times .