How to stay fit the right way

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How to stay fit the right way

I feel fat! I have put on weight! Are the thoughts which keep arising in your head making you feel low in confidence. An essential question to ask oneself is- Are you fit? People are in the constant misconception that if they work out and lose weight or build up muscles they are fit and healthy, however, the truth is something different. Staying fit means that to be and feel physically healthy and have the strength to do your day to day activities efficiently. To be able to provide for one’s own well-being is what staying fit the right way means. Looking out for a healthy regime one needs to first understand that staying fit has nothing to do with the fact of trying to stay in shape. In short, a person who can eat calories without even guilty is actually a fit person

Let’s understand it better!!

Factors which define “BEING FIT:

Before going any further on how to stay fit, one needs to understand what does being fit mean. The few physical factors which define a fit person are as follows

  • The relative amount of muscle, bone, fat and other vital factors i.e. overall body composition which helps in a better way to define the overall health of an individual alongside the BMI.
  • Ability to supply energy while performing a physical activity
  • Flexibility of motion around your joint
  • The ability of muscles to work without early fatigue and to exert force during an activity

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Ways to stay fit the right way:

After understanding what does being fit mean, time to dig deep into the habit or ways to perform it in the right way

  • Start by knowing your body:

The foremost way to begin towards being fit is to know your overall body health be it weight, muscles, or fat content. Before opting for a workout plan or adopting a meal plan, one needs to understand their body, to begin in a rightful manner.

  • Never diet rather stick to a daily menu:

A real fit person makes sure to never diet rather maintains a healthy eating habit. If you can understand what makes your body feel good, full and energized, then you are on the right path. Usually, a person who is fit tends to stick to a daily menu for better synchronization of calorie intake each day.

  • Having breakfast is a mandate:

An essential step towards healthy and fit you, is to have breakfast regularly within half an hour of waking up without fail. This helps one in better calorie choices throughout the day making you feel good and energetic.

  • Monitor your sleep pattern:

Always ensure to sleep for about 7-8 hours per day in order to stay healthy and fit. Your sleep pattern is the key to a healthy lifestyle.

  • The workout can be fun:

A person who is willing to stay fit makes sure to add some work-out activities to its daily schedule and makes sure to stick it to make it fun. Also understands the fact that it can be performed outside the gym with slight changes in day to day activities like walking or using the stairs etc.

  • Understands that “Fat is your friend not enemy”:

Last but not the least, one needs to understand that fat is not always the villain. Sometimes a slight addition is your daily food can aid in weight loss. One need to clear about what is unhealthy food and fat.

In short, a little understanding and slight changes in day to day living one can surely attain being fit. One’s goal should be to stay fit rather than just focusing on weight loss. “Being fit” is the ideal condition not restricted to “Being skinny” or “fitting into your favorite pair of jeans” or “running a marathon”. It is not defined by birth, genes etc. rather your personal choices!!


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