New Fitness Gadgets Put to Test – Can They Live Up to Expectations?

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New Fitness Gadgets Put to Test – Can They Live Up to Expectations?

More and more fitness gadgets are being introduced in the market every single day. Well, this doesn’t come as a surprise, especially since people have realized the importance of staying in shape and being fit.

If you are also getting started with your journey to better health, there are several fitness gadgets that deserve your attention.

Top Fitness Gadgets Worth Checking Out

Moov HR Burn

One of the wearables that deserve to be included in this list got to be the Moov HR Burn. This $60 dollar device will surely make your same old boring training more fun and exciting. The Moov HR Burn is a form of chest strap pairing wirelessly with a free app which will talk to you and guide you real time through four different classes of indoor exercise as well as indoor cycling workouts and outdoor runs. It can also read your heart rate to check if you are working hard enough, and give you some cheering or scolding, depending on your performance.

Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition

These wireless earbuds can monitor heart rate. Using Bluetooth, it can also connect to an app which will coach you during your runs. This is also perfect if you want to listen to your favorite music while you jog with no need to worry about cords getting tangled up.

Whoop Strap 2.0

Looking at it for the first time, you will see that this wristband resembles most of the heart rate monitoring activity trackers you can find out there. The one thing that makes it different from the rest is the way it makes use of the data it collects to let you know what you should do.

Moov HR Sweat

Moov also offers a headband which can connect to the similar app as Moov HR Burn. However, this one makes use of an optical sensor for detecting the heart rate at your temple. It’s heart readings are pretty accurate.


It is a headband which can track your brainwaves to assist you in meditating and letting you know once you were able to successfully quiet your mind. While this is not necessarily a form of exercise, it is still a very interesting feature for a wearable.

Moov Now

Another wearable from Moov is this lightweight band which can be worn on your ankle when you run or on your wrist while swimming. This will tell you if there is too much impact when your feet hit the ground, constantly nagging you to run with much softer steps.

Lumo Run

It is a motion sensing clip that can be worn on the back of your shorts. It can coach you of super specific aspects of the running form you have. It will also recommend exercises to address your deficiencies and remind you during your future runs to work on fixing these flaws.

Polar M430

While this running watch is not necessarily a real time coach, it packages some of its accumulated data into useful insights through Polar’s exclusive app, which gives it a slight leg up compared to other GPS watches.


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Devices Most Users Might Want to Skip


It is a type of sports bra made to be unique as it can monitor both your breathing and heart rate. While this works well, not everyone might find it useful or even motivating.

Fitbit Charge 2

This wristband can track your heart rate, count your steps, recognizes the form of exercise you are doing automatically, and records your sleep. This might sound that Charge 2 can do tons of things, yet it is actually a device that’s stuck in the past. Charge 2 tracks your activity for tracking, rather than using your data to change one’s behavior. Like each activity you have in the past, you will be amazed with the charts and data generation on the app of Fitbit. But, you’ll find yourself not wearing Charge 2 because you got bored.


It’s an excellent wireless headset, which is similar to the Sport Pulse of Jabra with optical heart rate sensor located on the left earbud. This connects to an app, which talks to you while you’re running. You will find the chattiness of Vi a bit amusing, yet its coaching will keep you run steady and slow, especially if you need something that would push you harder.

Atlas Wristband

Like the way Fitbit Charge 2 detects your activity, the Atlas Wristband tracks and knows what you are doing in gym-down to very particular exercises, whether they are kettlebell swings or dead lifts. It means that you do not have to write down what you do manually, which can be useful for several gym rats who like to track their routines. Yet, as with numerous activity trackers, the device stops at recording what you do rather than using the information to motivate and instruct.

Jabra Elite Sport

The earbuds of Jabra Elite Sport are definitely wireless in a sense that they are not connected by a wire like Apple AirPods, yet much durable. They pair with the same app like Jabra Sport Pulse.


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Who Should Not Purchase Any of These Fitness Gadgets?

There are some people who won’t need any fitness gadgets. Your smartphone can do various things on its own because of its huge improvements in the built-in sensors. If you are a cyclist or a runner and what you want to do is tracking things like your pace, distance, and elevating gain, you may download an app called Strava to keep track of your workouts. The best thing about this app is that it’s available for free of charge.

If you are interested in following how much you move in a day and you always carry your phone anywhere, try the free step-counting app. You may consider using Pedometer++ to keep track of how little you move on vacations and lazy weekends. You don’t even need an Apple Watch or Fitbit for this.

Will These Gadgets Get You Fit?

Well, it actually depends on how you do workout regularly. Some have succeeded in losing excess pounds, while others have failed. These gadgets are not always accurate with their readings and you might end up gaining more weight in the end. However, wearables are still useful and beneficial, especially if you want to see your progress daily for motivation. Just don’t rely solely on fitness gadgets. Try combining wearables with having your own personal trainer. In this way, you can be assured that you will stay on the right track and will get the results you want. Also, dedication and commitment matter a lot when getting fit or achieving the body shape that you have always wanted for a long time.


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