Top ten tech-friendly devices to assist with your fitness regime!!

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Top ten tech-friendly devices to assist with your fitness regime

A fitness regime is not restricted to just burning out calories in a gym but to keep a watch on various parameters of your over the health of your body. From small changes in our day to day activities to keeping track of calorie count, muscle activities etc., nowadays technology has the answer to it all. This advent of technological advancement has made it easier for an individual to be on the right track towards staying fit and healthy. There are plenty of wearable to health gizmos available in the market to assist towards your overall well being.

Although the choices are plenty and difficult one, yet here I shall be jotting down a comprehensive list of top ten fitness gadgets for you to make the pick

Top 10 innovative smart devices to assist towards better health and fitness are:

  1. Omron Evolv:

Lightweight, wireless blood pressure monitor which can be used on anywhere and anytime basis. It is used to measure, record as well as share your blood pressure. You can share your data with family and doctor to keep track of your blood pressure monitoring. Best device for keeping track of your blood pressure to stay healthy and fit.

Price: 89$

  1. Biometric clothing:

Technology has evolved so much that even your clothes of all forms have turned smart with installed sensors. The sensors in these types of clothing measure date of your body such as heart rate, breathing rate, activity such as running rate and sync it with applicable apps to provide information such as calorie burnt etc.

Price: 200$

  1. TAO:

TAO is an exercising device which tracks fitness regime of an individual. Through this device, one can find time to work out anywhere even when you are far from home or gym. Alongside your workouts, you can keep track of your intake meals to assist you to stay fit and healthy.

Price: 119$

  1. Atlas:

Looking out for a personal trainer which lives on your wrist, then Atlas is the answer for it. From recognized preloaded exercises to tracking of your quality of workout such as intensity, heart rate, calories burnt etc., this device does it all for you. The best fitness tracking partner one can get.

Price: 84$

  1. Skulpt Aim:

A wireless smart gadget which helps in monitoring of muscle quality as well as body fat percentage. This device will surely assist in your muscle building or weight loss regime.

Price: 169$

  1. Recon Jet Smart eyewear:

Another innovative fitness assistance which monitors fitness data regularly. It is a smart eyewear in which data is displayed below your right eye on instant basis without distracting you from your ongoing activity.

Price: 284$

  1. Naked:

Naked is ready to use at home body scanner which provides a 3D view of your whole body. It is full-length mirror along with a smart scale which 3-D scans your body to provide results of body weight, fat percentage etc.

Price: 499$

  1. Withings Go Fitness tracker:

Withings Go Fitness tracker is another example of a wearable fitness tracker which can be easily clipped to your clothing or keychain. This portable device can be used for tracking of your daily fitness regime.

Price: 69$

  1. Withings smart body analyzer:

It is the type of innovative weighing scales which gives you all the information such as heart rate, body fat, air quality etc. when utilized with its app, it is a sure shot comprehensive solution to stay fit.

Price: 149$

  1. Goqii:

It is a personal fitness band which comes along with personal coaching towards a healthy lifestyle. This wearable device helps to keep track of your workout regime, calorie burnt, sleep pattern, daily steps etc. thereby helping you stay fit.

Price: 30$

Track your fitness today!!


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